Introduction to keeping fit

Sunday, is me trying not to eat too much but stay in bed watching as many episodes of The Good Wife (trying to catch up, fast!)

As I write this I’ve just had a very late breakfast – a chicken toasted sandwich and Green Tea and watching The Good Wife, currently on season 4 episode 13.

I guess I can rest on Sunday’s after 5 days at the gym (minus Thursday). I haven’t always been a gym-goer until about a year ago, and even then it wasn’t intense till about 2 months ago. But first, whenever I get asked about how long I’ve been training or if I’ve been through a weightloss journey my answer is: I’ve always been slim but I’m just trying to maintain my weight and tone. Now though, my aim is to gain upper body strength and have a stronger core.

My gym schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for about 1 hour and half to 2 hours a session. Also, Tuesday and Saturday are sessions with my Personal Trainer where we work on a specific area and other days I train on my own where its more of a full body circuit.

I get a few messages asking about my workout routine which will definitely come soon but this is just a short post about my fitness as whole so you can expect more posts with my routine.

A still image from a video (can be found on my Instagram page @sssxldn)

Ps. My gym clothes and footwear are all from Nike.

– sssxldn –

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