I don’t actually wear lashes that much, I’ve never really worn them till about a year ago, and it’s only every now and then. I find it takes abit too long to put on (I haven’t mastered the technique…yet) plus I naturally have fairly long lashes and a good mascara usually does the trick. So I’ve never felt the urge to actually wear them. Having said that though, I always find myself buying them… All the time. Wishful thinking of getting the technique right,maybe. 

So I’ve tried the ‘No.7’ strip lashes and it’s not so bad, they were my go to lashes for a while when I did feel like wearing them. They’re fairly light depending which number it is. I always go for a natural look with lashes. The only problem is the lash glue which is disappointing, so I use the ‘Duo Striplash Adhesive Dark’ eyelash glue. It’s pretty good, until I met a new lash glue!!


Wow, now I’ve said that I’m not crazy into lashes but I decided to buy HudaBeauty lashes when it became available on a UK website*. I got three different ones, sasha #11, samantha #7 and jade #13 as well as her lash glue! This post is going to focus on the Sasha #11 and the lash glue. 

I wore the lashes for Valentine’s Day and The lashes felt natural yet gave me such a dramatic look. Also, it didn’t take me long to put on *shock*. The glue helps so much as I didn’t have to wait too long to get sticky and it was the perfect glue to make the lashes stay put! The glue is by far the best glue I’ve tried so far. They’re also really easy to take off with some oil free eye make up remover, and it doesn’t affect your natural lashes. 

Some pictures from the night: 


Huda Beauty lashes Sasha #11


side view


Make up look: Valentines day

* you can buy the lashes at *

 (they’re my go to website for overseas brand, and they’re super fast with their delivery, always comes before expected date! Thank you Cult Beauty!)

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    • Aw thank you 😊😊. Yeah I’m still new at applying them, they work for me sometimes when I take my time lol.
      Ah thank you, the struggles I’ve had with my eyebrows are another story lol 😂

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