How Much Is My Face Worth?

Hey guys, so I saw this post from a few other bloggers and I thought it was quite interesting, I should give it a go. Now, I already know and can confess that I spend way too much money on make-up (I have like storage boxes on top of storage boxes *uhhh* 😳), we all … Continue reading How Much Is My Face Worth?


Hey blogosphere 🙂  So us Londoners have finally received the "summer 2016" everyones been waiting for, its only been day 3 of really good weather (32 degrees - thats amazing for the UK lol), so we have to make the most of any sun we get since its taken its sweet time to come through. … Continue reading BECCA COSMETICS v ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS


Lashes? I don't actually wear lashes that much, I've never really worn them till about a year ago, and it's only every now and then. I find it takes abit too long to put on (I haven't mastered the technique...yet) plus I naturally have fairly long lashes and a good mascara usually does the trick. … Continue reading Lash