*UPDATE* – Growing my Eyebrows

Hey guys,

Do you remember my post last month when I said I was growing my eyebrows out? Well, it’s been almost 6 weeks since I’ve stayed away from threading and picked up some castor oil and RapidBrow serum. But I’m planning to have them threaded at *BlinkBrow in selfridges – “brow back on the road” (£49) – where you grow your eyebrows from 3 sessions and only hair that’s not needed is removed. I really need this! My eyebrows are looking a total mess and Eid is coming up and I have a wedding to go to, so it’s really needed.

Okay, so the castor oil was working well and it really helped that I was off work and I was pretty much at home for Ramadan for the first 2 and half weeks. I was using it twice – day and night, I would put more at night and focus on the brow bone/ends as that’s where I needed the hair growth mostly. The hair was growing fairly quick, quicker than I thought. These photos was taken exactly 4 weeks from when I started but 10 days of using castor oil. I did have a few break outs around my eyebrows at first, I think I was using too much oil 😁

June 17th 2016

Two days after those photos were taken I bought RapidBrow serum from Boots (£34.00) I started to use it straight away, again, twice – day & night. I was a little bit sceptical at first and I’ve read loads of reviews and recommendations, people saying to try RapidBrow or men’s Rogaine. I was going to get both, but first they are pricey and second I chickened out with the Rogaine. So RapidBrow it is, they promise to have “visibly fuller-looking, thicker and less sparse looking eyebrows in just 60 days”. Hmm, really? To my surprise I was seeing some growth fairly quick. I was actually pleased that I got this, it’s not a miracle worker but it does certainly speed things up abit. My eyebrows are definitely fuller than 6 weeks ago. I have only been using it about 2 weeks and the growth is noticeable. Which is now making it harder for me to cover up the bushy, unkempt eyebrows.



I have always hated those overly concealed eyebrows as it doesn’t look as natural to me. I’m more of the ‘natural’ eyebrow look when using pencil, powder, gels etc. But I had to learn to love to conceal my eyebrows as its my new best friend atm. It’s been saving me and everyone else looking at my messy brows. I have a pictorial of how I cover my eyebrows and the products I am using are all listed. I did make a video but I think I need to re-shoot so it’s easier to see, I haven’t mastered the “vlogging” thing yet.

1. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills sable duo brush (#7) and the Brow Powder duo ‘Ebony’. Brush the eyebrows and then Shape the eyebrows following the natural shape.
2. Using the lighter shade of the powder make light strokes at the front of the brow to fill in the spaces. Brush through to blend the powder.
3. With the Make Up For Ever Camouflage Creme Palette (#3 Medium/mixed tone) & Morphe concealer brush, using the fourth cream colour cover the unwanted hairs by following the brow shape.

4. Last step is to blend with your foundation and brush.








Product Detail

Morphe Concealer Brush 
One of my concealer brushes, which came with a variety of brushes from Cult Beauty.

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Creme Palette (#3 Medium/mixed tone). 
I’m so in love with this. My sister bought this for me from Saudi Arabia Sephora as I couldn’t get it shipped to the UK at the time.



Anastasia Beverly Hills sable duo brush (#7) and the Brow Powder duo ‘Ebony’.
Love these two. The brush and the DipBrow were the first products I ever got from the Anastasia collection. Btw the DipBrow works perfectly as well as this Brow Powder. I just used the powder this time, but I usually use DipBrow in the same shade ‘Ebony’.

All From Cult Beauty


 *I’ll be reviewing my visit to BlinkBrow in Selfridges – London next week! With before and after – the whole experience. Stay tuned and I hope it goes well*


– sssxldn –


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