Hey blogosphere 🙂 

So us Londoners have finally received the “summer 2016” everyones been waiting for, its only been day 3 of really good weather (32 degrees – thats amazing for the UK lol), so we have to make the most of any sun we get since its taken its sweet time to come through. Yesterday, I went to gym the gym in this heat and oh was it sweaty – good though, I ended the day with a chilled time at the park with my boyfriend sunbathing. Well, i was sunbathing and he was hiding under the umbrella/the shade from the trees while he wrote our latest food blog post (, check us out :). Today, I went to the gym really early and then had lunch with my boyfriend, but this time I’m currently sunbathing on my own in my garden – without someone complaining its too hot! 😀

Let’s get into what this post is about; everywhere you look on the internet you will see a post, picture or video about ‘highlighters’, I want to share with you my two favourites from my fairly big collection of highlighters, BECCA Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH). Recently I’ve been wearing the BECCA highlighter more, but I love them both equally. You don’t even need much when you apply, with just one stroke you get the perfect highlight! Its also very tempting to over do it – so don’t use too much – unless you like that look, then girrrl go for it, glow!! lol. I haven’t tried all the shades but I’ve seen it on others, for me the Opal (BECCA) and So Hollywood (ABH) I think looks the best for my skin tone.

Everyone loves swatches so here they are (with flash and without):


I buy all my ABH and BECCA goodies from CultBeauty.

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Let me know your favourites/recommendations 🙂

**I just got the ABH GLOW KIT, So excited about it, stay tuned for a full review with full face make up and swatches**

– sssxldn –



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