Growing out my eyebrows…

This is bit of a late post, almost 10pm here in London…I’m currently watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 12 catch up (on, and I’ve just decided to grow my eyebrows out so I can reshape them.

I some how always end up getting f*cked by my eyebrow lady.. Ugh. Then I have to grow my eyebrows and change eyebrow specialist. Well, my eyebrows look different and one is way thinner than the other. It’s quite emotional right now… Because growing them out will be a long, ugly process 😫 especially during the summer and wedding seasons and all you want to do is slay! It’s Gotta be done, and I got to conceal these babies up when they get too much.

– The concealers i’ll be using will be Make up Forever concealer and the Benefit cosmetics concealer (they’re both for under eye, but I always use to cover up spots and eyebrows – works perfectly – don’t be fooled by the counter girls/guys that say “don’t use anywhere else apart from eyes because it will attract more attention – FYI I’ve never used it for the under eye and it works fine!)
– To fill in the sparsely areas and gaps I will use the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow powder MY FAVOURITE!!!

I’ve tried HD brows, and I never liked it, as it looks exactly the same when I fill them in with ABH dip brow so it was bit of a waste of money. && I’ve used eyebrow gels to help growth before but it didn’t really help that much, does anyone know a way that they’ve used before or know someone and it’s worked well for them? Please let me know! I seriously need the help…

Also, if anyone knows a really good eyebrow specialist around East London (or anywhere in London), I prefer threading.

I’ve taken pictures right now as how they look, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my eyebrow growth journey!


Left – Straight – Right

– sssxldn –



7 thoughts on “Growing out my eyebrows…

    • Ahh thanks. But my left is much thinner than the right and they’re odd 😫 so hopefully I won’t have to grow them out that long. Oh no, have you been using anything to help with the growth? I know the ABH range for eyebrows is perfect ☺️ thanks! Xx

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  1. House of Fraser- senior lady she is the best at reshaping eye brows however she charges 25 pound but like you I had them messed up by the all the beauty salons in east London and id rather pay abit more for a the right shape and go for a clean at my local shops

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