Gelish Nails

Another really late post for me, just past 1am in London :/ ahhh! I really should be sleeping, but I’ve just finished doing some DIY on stuff I just got from Ikea. Why are the instructions so weirdly difficult to understand, I thought it was supposed to be super straightforward. I got a dressing table (my first ever dressing table actually). I’ve always just stood in front of my mirror or sat on my bed – and always leave a mess behind. I might share pictures of what my beauty pad ends up looking like (if i like it lol). Im drained so i’ve put a pause on my cleaning and organising until the morn.

All through my DIY i was thinking “please don’t break a freshly-manicured and nicely painted nail”. Luckily I never! *PHEW* although I was taking extra care, which is probably why it took me longer.

I started to wear acrylics about a year ago and used to get them done every 2-3 weeks but one day I had a really bad crack in one of the nails (right hand, index finger) that it actually damaged my real nail 😦 😦 . I went to my nail shop and there I decided NO MORE acrylics for me. I got a manicure, and my nail lady took super extra care of my painful finger, I opted for a gelish colour. Anyways, 4 months of no acrylics left me with my natural long nails  growing back, healthy, I’m superrrr happy about it.

The nail technicians are professional, friendly, and always take good care of my nails. They have good quality gel nails, which usually lasts about 3 weeks (sometimes I can go up to 4 weeks) and they still look pretty good.

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Price: £25 – Gel polish & Manicure (£30: take off gels, gel polish & manicure)
Location: 27 Leytonstone Road, Stratford, London, E15 1JA

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