Stretching My Christian Louboutin Shoes


So, My first pair of Louboutin shoes. Thought it would be easy when choosing my size as I’m a size 4 (UK) in heels, but when I tried them on, woah! They were huge. The lady at the store recommended I go for a 3 or 3.5 so I tried them both on; the 3 were way too tight and 3.5 were tight but she told me as the heels I’m getting are leather they will stretch around the toes so I should go for a 3.5.

Now that I’m going to a wedding in a day I remembered ooh I have somewhere to wear the heels (I don’t really heels that much, so any excuse to wear them is great!). But I’m thinking oh snap they’re gonna hurt! I looked online for a way to stretch them quickly and found the sock and hair dryer method was popular, but I didn’t want to use the hair dryer as I was afraid it might ruin expensive shoes! Continuing with my search I came across the John Lewis leather stretch shoe spray. 😊

So I decided to get my thick pink winter socks and the spray:


Socks Primark ; Spray John Lewis £4.50

I sprayed the inside of the shoes around the toe area and put my foot in with the socks on. Some people might walk around with them, but I thought let me try just laying in my bed watching tv instead lol :). Thinking to myself how long do I do this for, at first it was uncomfortable but then it was beginning to ease off and excitedly, I was like “oh my god it’s actually working!” I kept it on for about 15 minutes and it worked perfectly. – I might do it again tonight or while I’m getting ready on the day.



I also tried to wriggle my toes around to activate some heat so the leather stretches… when I noticed I was doing this easily I realised it was working so I took them off and tried without the thick socks!

Perfect fit – in love.

Size UK 3.5 (36.5) – Pigalle 120 Patent Calf – Black

 I’ll post pictures of my outfit on my instagram page: @sssxldn 

– sssxldn –


2 thoughts

  1. Oooooh, Pigalle is on the narrow side. I’ve always been scared of spraying stuff on delicate leather. Do keep us updated on how you get on. Also a note the So Kate style is the Pigalle 120 with a wider cut.

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