Stretching My Christian Louboutin Shoes


So, My first pair of Louboutin shoes. Thought it would be easy when choosing my size as I’m a size 4 (UK) in heels, but when I tried them on, woah! They were huge. The lady at the store recommended I go for a 3 or 3.5 so I tried them both on; the 3 were way too tight and 3.5 were tight but she told me as the heels I’m getting are leather they will stretch around the toes so I should go for a 3.5.

Now that I’m going to a wedding in a day I remembered ooh I have somewhere to wear the heels (I don’t really heels that much, so any excuse to wear them is great!). But I’m thinking oh snap they’re gonna hurt! I looked online for a way to stretch them quickly and found the sock and hair dryer method was popular, but I didn’t want to use the hair dryer as I was afraid it might ruin expensive shoes! Continuing with my search I came across the John Lewis leather stretch shoe spray. 😊

So I decided to get my thick pink winter socks and the spray:


I sprayed the inside of the shoes around the toe area and put my foot in with the socks on. Some people might walk around with them, but I thought let me try just laying in my bed watching tv instead lol :). Thinking to myself how long do I do this for, at first it was uncomfortable but then it was beginning to ease off and excitedly, I was like “oh my god it’s actually working!” I kept it on for about 15 minutes and it worked perfectly. – I might do it again tonight or while I’m getting ready on the day.




I also tried to wriggle my toes around to activate some heat so the leather stretches… when I noticed I was doing this easily I realised it was working so I took them off and tried without the thick socks!

Perfect fit – in love.


Size UK 3.5 (36.5) – Pigalle 120 Patent Calf – Black

 I’ll post pictures of my outfit on my instagram page: @sssxldn 

– sssxldn –


2 thoughts on “Stretching My Christian Louboutin Shoes

  1. Oooooh, Pigalle is on the narrow side. I’ve always been scared of spraying stuff on delicate leather. Do keep us updated on how you get on. Also a note the So Kate style is the Pigalle 120 with a wider cut.

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