Acne Journey…So far

Acne is the worst.
(Before and after pictures included!)


I’ve always had the occasional breakout and it’s not been really bad. But, a few years ago I had the worst breakout, just after I got engaged. I don’t know why, but maybe I was stressed or nervous to introduce my other half to my parents. But that went swimmingly and my breakout got worse! So, it definitely wasn’t getting engaged lol.


I started using skin care products such as L’oreal,Β Β Clean and Clear, Biore, La Roche-Posay Effaclar, Avene and Super Facialist. Yikes. All I’m thinking about is the money I spent on these products. Not all at the same time.

In short none of the products worked for me! I was so disappointed and angry as I’ve read reviews on all the products even the expensive ones and they were positive. I now understand that everyone’s skin is different.

Doctors (GP)

My skin was just getting WORSE. So, I made an appointment with my doctor, and he gave me Tetracycline tablets and an ointment to apply at night. The tablets were awful! It just made me sick (vomit) every time I took them, which meant they won’t work. He said that I should keep trying.

Private Dermatologist

Prescribed skincare products

Prescribed skincare products

Frustrated, I booked a private dermatologist consultation appointment at the Skn:Clinic. I wanted to get a facial peel or laser, but the nurse had to transfer me to a doctor as I had severe acne on my face, chest, back and arms. The doctor prescribed me Lymecycline tablets and Treclin ointment. Also, a Skn:clinic facial wash and Aknicare cream.




Before and After

I used these for 10 months and these are the results (before pictures are from when Acne first started):


The reason drugstore products did not work for me is because I needed to deal with the problem internally before I did anything. I have had no facial peels or laser.

The after picture was taken March 2018 with natural lighting, no filter was used and better camera (iPhone X).

The before picture was taken October 2016 with flash, no filter was used and iPhone 6s camera.


I will talk more about this when I have finished the course. I am now on Roaccutane to help clear completely especially on the body! I am on my first week of 20mg. For regular updates about Roaccutane follow my INSTAGRAM @sssxldn

I will also be posting my skincare routine this week, look out for it πŸ™‚Β 



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