Update on Me


It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted, apologies for that. A lot has happened and I’ll summarise them all.

The most important and amazing thing is that I got engaged in September 2016 and then married (registry) in July 2017!

I started my dental treatment in June 2015 and finished in March 2017.

I started my acne treatment June 2017 and it’s still ongoing.

My husband and I are huge foodies and we have a food blog where we review restaurants in London and have recently started vlogging.
Our blog is called London’s Dining Couple www.londonsdiningcouple.com (Follow us)

I am also back at university studying for a Masters in International Marketing!

I’ll have separate posts for my dental and acne journey.

I’ll be posting my Acne journey today! Look out for it!



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